Saturday, October 16, 2010

A birthday gift to me

Yesterday, I turned 30 years old. For the last month or so, I have reflected upon this privilege. I don't feel old. I have 4 beautiful children and the man of my dreams. I have had so many amazing experiences thus far, and I know I have many more to come. As I ponder my blessings, my gratitude increases for my Father in heaven. He obviously knows me better than I know myself.

When I was 6 years old, I decided that I wanted to be a doctor. I worked toward that goal for the next 12 years. Most of my friends don't even know that there was a time when I attended the University of AZ in the pre-med program, studying Biology. But something happened my freshman year that transformed my life wholly and completely. I was unhappy. Luckily, I had been taught by my wonderful father that if I had a question, I could ask God, so that is what I did.

One day, I decided to find a quiet place where I could be alone. I knelt down, and at 18 years old, prayed to God vocally for the first time in my life. I told him everything that I was feeling. I was also willing to do whatever he told me, no matter the sacrifice. I remember saying, "What do you want me to do?" and then I stopped to listen. I had the most amazing experience after that. I felt an answer. I felt that I needed to quit school, losing all of my scholarships, and move in with a friend, Melissa, 2 hours away. I knew that my dreams of being a doctor would have to be put on hold. I knew that my parents would be disappointed in my choice. I was scared of such a drastic change in the plan I had followed nearly my whole life. But I had promised that I would do whatever He told me, so I did.

Just a few weeks after that prayer, I was introduced to two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and was baptized. As I began to see my life through the eyes of my loving Heavenly Father, I realized that He really did have my happiness in mind when he told me to change. I continued to pray and listen to the feelings I received. This process sent me to Brigham Young University, where I met my husband, Don. It also took me to Italy to serve a mission for my church. Prayer told me that these four little angels should come to my home and that the most rewarding title I would ever earn is Mother. I cannot properly express the gratitude I have for my Savior, his atonement, and his plan of happiness. I understand now what Matt. 6: 19-21 means. My treasure is my eternal family and that realization is the greatest birthday gift I could ever receive.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Number three is a third

Donald Craig Anthony, III was born December 19, 2008 at 8:25am. He was 8lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. I began labor on Thursday the 18th around 3:30pm but didn't have any pain for hours. We finally left for the hospital just after 11pm. Once I was checked in, I had already dilated to 6cm. We thought for sure he would be here soon. My water refused to break so I was stuck at 8cm all night. In the morning, my doctor came in and broke my water. An hour later, Donny was born. Lizzie loves him and hasn't really noticed a difference in her life. However, Isabella was not happy about being replaced as the baby. She asked for a pacifier, which she never took when she actually was a baby, and she cried a lot. She loves Donny, though. In fact, she won't leave him alone. So, we hide him when he is sleeping. She will wander around asking for him when she notices that he is gone. He is healthy and happy. At his 2 week appointment, the doctor announced that he was a big boy. He is 90% for weight and 95% for height. He eats constantly which makes sleep difficult. My proudest accomplishment since his birth was getting Lizzie to school on time Monday morning when she returned after Christmas break. We were all dressed and fed. Wow!

Wall-e and Lizzie

Lizzie celebrated her 4th birthday on Monday December 1. Of course, we spent the day at Disneyland. We went to Ariel's Grotto for lunch where I convinced the waiters to let Lizzie be the special paige who announces the princesses. She was very cute. Though Isabella admired them from a distance, she wouldn't get anywhere near Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora, or Snow White. We stayed the whole day so that we could see the snow and watch the fireworks. Grandpa and Grandma were there for the whole celebration and we had a blast.

That Friday night, I had several contractions and was worried that I wouldn't be able to put on Lizzie's party. Though very pregnant, I was able to through a Wall-e extravaganza with 18 kids and 10 moms. We had a blast in my two bedroom apartment. Don made a pinata and I made the cake. We pinned the plant to Eve and planted seeds. We were finished in 1 1/2hours and there wasn't even a big mess to clean up. Yeah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Temple in Rome!!!

I know that I am pregnant, but tears of joy flowed freely as the announcement of a temple in Rome was made. While in the MTC, Elder Richard G. Scott came to speak. He spoke about the importance of true conversion. He answered questions from missionaries. It was a really cool experience. Afterward, he stayed to shake the hand of all 2000 missionaries. It was an amazing experience.
When we returned to our classroom right after the meeting, our district leader had a story to tell. When he shook Elder Scott's hand, he told the apostle that we were going to "build a temple in Italy," and then began to walk away. Elder Scott held his hand tightly and pulled him back, placing his hands on his shoulders. He looked him in the eyes and said, "I know you will Elder. I know you will."
The message Elder Scott sent to our little district stayed with me throughout my mission. It reminded me of the importance of teaching people not only of Jesus Christ, but of the hope that families are eternal. There is no greater sadness then to see someone who has lost a loved one. Yet, worst still is the belief that his or her loved one is lost forever. The theme of my mission was eternal families. Now, the saints where I served will have an opportunity to be sealed to their families forever and to do work for their ancestors.
I visited an elderly member named Sorella Zanetti every week when I served in Rome. She was unable to travel because of her age. It was often difficult for her to attend church. She hadn't been to the temple in many years because of the distance to Switzerland. My promise was that we would attend the temple together in Rome. Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep my promise because she has passed on. However, I plan to get there. I know she will be waiting.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Isabella Turned 2!

The temper tantrums have already begun, but she is still cute. On Thursday, we went to Disneyland to see the princesses. She wore the princess dress that Grandma made. Saturday, we had her party at a park. I tried my hand at decorating cakes. I am planning on keeping my day job, but they turned out alright. This was the first time that she got toys of her own and understands they belong to only her. She hasn't cried in two days. Don and I decided that every so often, we will just go buy her a new pile of toys, so that we don't have to parent. =)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Story... So Far

I have never blogged before, but I wanted a place where people I don't talk to often can see what is happening in my life. Don and I met in April of 2001 at BYU. He finished his degree in Spanish while I, Kimberly, served a mission in Italy. I returned in October of 2003, and we were married December 23 of the same year. Don worked as a graphic designer while I tried to balance work, school, and pregnancy. Elizabeth Louise was born on December 1, 2004.
Apparently, we weren't meant to stay in Utah because Don was laid off from two jobs within 7 months. After much prayer, we decided he needed a new career. We moved to Tustin, Ca with my fabulous in-laws while Don went back to school. Putting his Spanish degree to use, he began attending Chapman for a teaching credential. I had been working for 1 week at the worst job ever when I found out that we were expecting a new baby. Again, we prayed. We realized that daddy staying home and mommy working weren't going to work out. Don began substitute teaching, working part-time at Office Depot, and continued school full-time.
All the labor paid off. On September 7, 2006, Isabella Eve was born and on September 14, Don was offered an internship at Foothill H.S. Don finished his credential and continued at Chapman to receive a Master's degree in Teaching. He also received an Outstanding Graduate Student award. While Don was busy with responsibility, I was called to be Young Women President in our ward. I also participated in our Stake's production of Savior of the World and finally finished my AA in Business Administration. Last fall, we moved into our own apartment. With more space I was able to participate in a co-op preschool with my friends.
This summer, Don and I decided to switch roles once again. In April, I began working as a server at LoneStar Steakhouse so that Don could enjoy his vacation. Of course, he didn't realize that he would be working harder than I. One week into my new job, I found out that I was expecting another baby. This time, a little boy. In December, Don and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary with the arrival of our first son.
I worked my last day on Tuesday, and Don started back-to-school on Wednesday. Lizzie is excited to start pre-school. She is very studious. She can sit for an hour drawing pictures, letters, and names. She is a princess. Usually Cinderella, but sometimes Ariel. Lately, all she can do is talk about Wall-e, the Pixar robot. Isabella isn't a baby anymore. She loves to ride her sister's trike, put puzzles together, and read books. She has recently fallen in love with Snow White. They are both excited for a new brother because they are sure he wont want to play with their girl toys. I guess that is the our story... so far.